History of Our Chapter

On May 12, 2012, the Alpha Omega Epsilon Cal Poly Colony was founded by 18 members.  Just 7 months later, the colony received full chapter status and became the Alpha Omega Epsilon Beta Iota Chapter on December 1, 2012.  Going from an idea in the minds of 5 female engineering students to a recognized sorority on the Cal Poly campus with over 50 sisters, the Beta Iota Chapter has grown substantially since its start.  The Chapter was founded on the basis of Friendship, Leadership, and Professionalism, the three pillars of AΩE, and has grown to not only include these three values as a foundation but to also strive to live by them.  Through the original 18 founder members, the excitement and passion has continued to spread through each new class recruited and will no doubt continue the legacy for many more years to follow.

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